We see strong and determined people reach the end of their Camino – tired but satisfied coming over the Finishline (0 km point at the lighthouse) in Finisterre. And all they want is Rest – Restore and Integrate their beautiful Camino Experience. This means physical rest, but surely also contemplating on all the teachings and magic el Camino brought into their life, the connections they’ve made with themselves, their body and with others. We are happy to offer them Massages at the end of el Camino. Let me tell you what kind of Massages we offer at SOUL Fisterra – because you’ve got choices.

Relaxing Oil Massage

The most commonly known massage is the relaxing oil massage – a gentle massage that activates the restorative power of the body and helps the muscles to relax after a long way of walking.

Deep Tissue Massage - SOUL Fisterra

Deep Tissue Massage

When the muscles are short and strained from all the walking, sleeping in bunk beds, and carrying a backpack on your back all these weeks, what is a truly healthy break from it all is a Deep Tissue Massage. It works a bit deeper than the relaxing oil massage and helps the muscles to restore on a deeper level. Using pressure and movement during the massage you will have a great revitalizing experience.

Yin Thai Yoga Massage

Gentle Thai Yoga Massage – is a 1 hour experience of shakes and stretching of the body to put you in a very relaxed state, detoxify the muscles and activate the facia. This massage treatment is done on a mat with clothes on.

Yin Thai Yoga Massage consists of a balanced combination of yoga, massage and other holistic bodywork methods. This kind of massage works very deeply physically, mentally and energetically. The style we use is a more gentle form than is often associated with Thai massage, and so this massage is often experienced as a heartfelt and nourishing form of Thai yoga massage.

Complementing holistic methods: I use elements from craniosacral, osteopathy, fascia listening, energy work and more, during the massage, allowing you to relax and transform on an even deeper layer. Afterward, people often experience a feeling of space, deep relaxation, and harmony.

Energy Healing

Your body, mind and soul have one thing in common – your energy!

When you want to transform anything on any level in your life, you need to start with aligning your energy with the vision you have. Get rid of the energy blockages that are in your way of Optimal Health, Pure Potential and Limitless Abundance. Because when all your energy chakras are aligned and you fill your cup with the Energy of mother earth and the Universe your path will be lit up.

Come and experience a blissful energy healing session. A 45-minute session where you will be guided to re-connect to the Powerful energy of the Universe and let it Heal you and your patterns on the deepest level.

Make a choice. What type of massage or healing session do you feel most called to? Book your session here and we will connect to confirm your appointment with us. You can also call us or send a message to + 34 644 15 41 82 (SOUL Fisterra)

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