Starting this week with SOUL clinic – where you will learn and experience what it is you can do to heal yourself and to improve your life. Making a solemn promise to everyone that walks through that door to enter the SOUL clinic that they will be guided towards their own self-healing capacities. Everyone has healing powers, and is the best person to get to the core of what is aching or troubling them. All you need is the right guidance system, that points you in the right direction. That’s what we are here to give you at SOUL clinic every Wednesday 16.00.

Self-healing capacities

Everyone has the power to heal themselves, and make tremendous progress on their healing journey when they are given the right tools, and develop their awareness. It all starts with knowing that you have a very intelligent body, mind and spirit that work closely together and are holistically aligned with each other.

When one out of the three is out of balance, the effects show up on the other parts as well. One part is not separate from the other. They are all interconnected. So, when you fall ill (physically) that has a direct effect on your mental state as well, and energetically you are mostly not feeling too good either. Making a change in one part, affects the others. And it also works the other way around. When you have physical pain, and you want to improve it you could start at an energetic and emotional level to heal it. Let me explain this some more in an example.

You have regular headaches and shoulder pain and know there is something wrong. You feel less energy and are becoming cranky and can’t really focus. This ailment affects your whole state of being, and thus your life. When you try to do something about it on a physical level, the headaches keep coming back and the exercises you did for your shoulder just made the pain worse. So what is there to heal here? It makes no sense to a lot of people to start to relate a physical pain like this to your psychological and emotional state. But there definitely ‘always’ is a relation between them.

So what I will invite you to do, is to play the movie in your head about what it was you were doing before these physical problems showed up. What changed in your life? What are your general thoughts? And what are the emotions that you link to this problem? Is it worry, stress, feeling lonely, or overwhelmed? Making an emotional connection to your physical pain is what will lead you towards your healing.

Believe me, there is nothing that is not related. So making clear what emotions and thoughts are related to your problem, is going to show you the way out. Another way to know what is actually going on on an emotional level is to ‘talk to that part of the body’. Make a conscious connection, and visualize that you can actually talk to that part of your body (as if it were a person). With compassion, ask yourself: What is going on? Why are you hurting?

This sounds silly, and might go beyond what you’ve ever tried. But honestly, give it a try. In some cases, you will actually experience some relief already by just asking the question, and giving yourself the time to honestly reflect on what is going on in your inner world. The answers that come up will be mostly intuitive. So you will start to feel things (real emotions), or a memory pops up, or you suddenly feel drawn to a certain book or hear a song on the radio. Having a compassionate talk to that part of you that is out of balance, is a very healing moment for you and your body. With this action, you actually start to claim the position of the ‘healer’, doing sort of an intake with your patient (the sick body part).

Helping you heal

Once you know what is at the core of your ailment or pain, you can become more considerate about the things you do in your life that are related to this problem. You can start to have more patience with yourself, or start to do things differently from now on. Awareness is a very important step in helping you heal yourself.

The second phase of this healing work is to actually HEAL, which starts with acknowledging the pain and what it is trying to tell you. And then proclaim that you are ready to accept it, or let it go. Choosing a healing tool that will help you restore the balance in your body, mind, and spirit.

This can be something to help you relieve physical pain, like gentle stretches during yoga or booking a massage. This can be a shift in mindset – or a journaling exercise that shifts your perception and helps you to see things differently. Or it can be a meditation practice or other energy work that will help you relieve the pain from a soul level. Whatever you feel drawn to, follow that inspired action. Remember, you are your own best healer. Listen to yourself! What is it that you actually need in this moment?

One of my Favorite Self-healing tools is EFT – Emotion Freedom Technique, otherwise known as tapping. Because what this tool does, it helps you shift both on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. So it is an ALL-IN-ONE self-healing tool. I use this tool in my private practice and in the SOUL clinic every Wednesday at 16.00 h.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique

What emotional freedom technique, otherwise known as tapping does is it restores the balance between body, mind, and spirit with one simple practice. Tapping or gently massage on the meridians in the body, which are connected to our nervous system and transport life-energy throughout the body, as well as the mental picture you want to change. It works on all levels at the same time.

Making the Emotional Freedom Technique your daily self-healing practice is going to serve you in the long run.

  1. it helps you control your emotions, and relieve emotions rapidly
  2. it gives a signal to your whole body that ‘everything is going to be fine’
  3. it serves as a reset button, whenever you feel out of balance.
  4. it creates a strong stream of life energy, which energizes you.
  5. it destresses the nervous system and brings inner peace

Working with the EFT and making it a daily or weekly practice, is giving you the freedom to heal yourself. And releases the stress, worry and dependency that come with having emotional or mental problems that seem to hold you in a grip. May it be ‘worry’, ‘insecurity’, ‘self-doubt’, ‘fear’ or ‘anxiety’ – this doesn’t have to control your life anymore. Learning this technique can actually give you your life back!

Want to know more about what EFT can do for you, and how you can heal yourself send me a message below, or connect to the SOUL center in Finisterre. We are here to help you heal yourself! Every Wednesday a special EFT class in our SOUL clinic at 16.00. Donation-based, so it’s accessible for everyone!

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