We are now 3 months here in Finisterre and it has been such an enriching experience. Not only living here and having such a great beautiful environment with the ocean, the mountains and the forest nearby but also getting to know some really great people, our new friends. And today I want to dedicate my blog to how this all came about, and how this community is making us feel so welcome, so in our place, and feel like we’re Home.

We started with 2 key friends, that were already here and have shown up for us in such a big way. My dear friends Viki and Anna. They were here for us from the very beginning. Happy to see us, having lunch parties together, welcoming us with open arms and helping us find our new home. They are such great people, both with distinct qualities and with such big hearts. I love them dearly.

Growing community

The first week we were already introduced to so many great people. A group which appeared to be an existing community that we had the pleasure of being introduced to. We had our hearts open to see what this would bring and how we could participate and be of value to the community, so we dove right in. Committing to a few days per week spending time and joining in gatherings that were going on, exciting and new! I loved it, and felt like I had to keep up with the Joneses. Not wanting to fall behind, or miss out. The second week I had already promised myself so much to this group, I was ready to offer our drum circles and my Kundalini dance, hell I was willing to do anything and share with these people all that I know and have.

Something inside of me was feeling so super enthusiastic and on fire… I WAS READY TO GO. I had been waiting for 3 years for this. so you can imagine how much firey energy was coming out of me in the beginning.

Let’s do this together!! that was my energy and expectation. The group was very lovely, each individual had their own magic and is bringing it in their own unique way. That is the power I could see. But where was the group? their mission? The shared values and intentions?

Soon I started to see the ‘group’ didn’t really exist before we came. So there was nothing to catch up with or to hold onto. Something was missing, a steady core, the commitment to build something bigger together, a vision, no leadership. Neither did it feel right to catch the leadership role, as a newbie. So there I was, stranded and thrown myself into something I didn’t even explore beforehand. I just went with what I thought I saw…

My vision

I had a vision and the capacity to take the leadership role, if the individuals of this group were really interested in building something together and getting their ‘focus’ on the joint vision, then it would be okay.

The vision I had for the community, for our spiritual center was bigger than life itself. And although it seemed so super big, I knew that I could make it work. I could give the framework, the empowerment, the clarity, the motivation, and the balance to create a really committed group. If all are ready to create, invest time and energy and commit. It turned out these people were not ready for this… or maybe I wasn’t yet. All of my papers, plans and structures stayed in the computer, where I will save them for later. Because I just KNOW we will make this HAPPEN, when it’s the right time.

A community of talented, like-minded, and open-minded people, who are each here to create magic, and bring out their gift in the most magical of ways. Whether that is teaching yoga, sharing kirtan, art or coaching, massage, or something totally different like permaculture. We are all here with a Mission, a Purpose… and I know that we can create the base for all to flourish. We need to create a garden where all these seeds can come to their full potential, and that is exactly what we are going to do with SOULfisterra. We have a great Vision, and that is for all people to live as ONE and BE who they came here to be. Sharing their talents, gifts and energy with the world around them, be happy and spread joy and love. We know deep down we all have that same vision. The question is what are you willing to do for it?

What are you willing to do for your community?

Creating community all starts with you. Who you are, what you love to do and your own way of interacting with the world around you. That is what got most of our attention as we were learning from this experience in the existing community in Finisterre. What were we willing to learn, do, explore, experience in our new surroundings, and was that participating to our Vision?

When I see what we’ve done in july / august – sharing our drum circles and kundalini dance on the beach and guiding a women’s circle with a Rite of the Womb ceremony I noticed something. We had much more connection and success with the people that we were in contact with over a longer time than with the pilgrims we met just a few hours on the beach. Not that we didn’t enjoy those brief moments of interacting and making music or dancing to the rhythm of the music, but the connections we want to make (our Vision) are more profound. We want to take people to that new way of living, interacting and showing them there is a different way. Sharing these things takes time, and getting to know people and have real conversations that are the basis for this creation. So for now we stopped the brief beach moments – and that’s okay. We will start doing them again when it’s part of our SOUL Fisterra activities. When people can come back, connect deeper, be more and more in our presence and experience the Magic Together.

What we are willing to bring to our community became clear. We first want to take care of our own, make new friends and become an integral part of this community, before we can set out to ‘save the world’. Along this journey, we will meet many many souls, and some will be friends for life and some just leave a footprint in the sand. We never know how deep of a connection we make in an instant. We can just recognize who we are, and how we interact and make it worth our time.

New friends

Making this choice has created space to nurture the friendships we already made. We had dance parties in our kitchen, could invite a lovely girl from Germany to stay with us for a week, had some more lunch parties with Viki and Anna, and created a very very lovely community of friends around us. The time and space we created also our ‘inner guidance’ could talk to us more clearly. What is that you want? Where should I go next? When? …. NOW

This is how we manifested 2 great friends. On a walk along the coast, we followed Alejandro’s inspiration. His deep wish after 2 months was to also have his own friend, a man with who he can truly connect. You won’t believe how fast that he MANifested that friend. We were walking off the beaten path, along the coast and decided to turn back. That’s when we met a couple, with their dog Panda. We locked eyes with all four of us and stood there talking for 30 minutes or so. It was magical how fast we all KNEW that we had found something that each of us was looking for. We have spent the last full moons together around the fire and have started to invite more people to join us. A start of something great.

And for me personally, there has also been someone that enriches my life, a new friendship. A REAL woman, someone that has walked her own path and is not afraid of anything. A woman that shows her emotions, is open and expresses herself. A warm loving person, a creative soul. A joy to be around. We can call each other day and night. We can sit together talking for hours. We can have fun, go for a swim or do something fun together. A true friend that is just always there. something her and I were both lacking in our life until recently. The moment we met was very funny.

It was on the beach, and we both heard about each other from Viki. So when we finally met we said: IT IS YOU!! and we embraced in a funny and familiar hug. Of course from that moment you never know how it goes. But I love how our connection turns out to be very honest, pure, and deep. I love having you in my life, and I know I’m welcome in yours.

To be continued I’m sure….

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