We have been getting to know the people of Finisterre and they are very honest and pure. With a bit of a raw edge, they are always willing to help and lend a hand. Through these past months, we were lucky to meet some of the owners of great places to stay in Finisterre. This is who we would advise you to connect to when you decide to come and stay for a while in Finisterre. All our favorite places to stay in Finisterre in a row.

  1. Albergue de Sonia
  2. Albergue Fin da terra y do camino
  3. Albergue Sol y Lua
  4. Albergue Mar de Fora
  5. Albergue Espiral
  6. Pension Lopez

Albergue de Sonia – buen Camino

In this albergue our friends Sonia, Martin, and Deborah are ready to welcome you with open arms. This place is a busy and very well-known Albergue (hostel) with very clean and spacious rooms. The closest to our spiritual Center and for sure a nice place to stay. They have a sunny garden and a shared kitchen.

Dormitorio: 17 euro / (15 euro through us)

Private room:

Albergue fin da terra y do camino

This very nice lady Norma is a friend of ours and has a great albergue in the center of town, near our favorite and quiet beach and the supermarket. All within 2 minutes from this place. Great ambiance, spacious kitchen on every floor and very nice rooms. Clean and always peaceful.

Dormitorio: 15 euro

Double room (2 pers) 40 euro

Individual room (1 pers) 20 euro

Albergue Sol y Lua

This hippie place draws in the nicest people from el Camino and has a meditation room of its own. They also offer events occasionally and are the front runner of spiritual activities in Finisterre. Sometimes they even want to work with volunteers – so you can stay there with them when you work as a host.

Dormitorio: 15 euro

Double room: 27 euro

Albergue Mar de Fora

This open-spaced and big hostel is situated very close to Mar de Fora. We haven’t stayed with them yet, but the people there are very nice. They even have a small swimming pool in the front yard when you like a small pool party.

Dormitorios: 12 euro

Double room: 35 euro

4- person room: 40 euro (This should be interesting for sharing)

Albergue La Espiral

With a wonderful mandala on the door and always nice music playing this Albergue is a bit of a hidden gem. It’s in the little streets in the center, close to a little bakery and with almost no traffic in the street. A nice and quiet place, where you can meet great people. The owner Fatima is very nice and helpful.

Dormitorio: 14 euro

Double room: 30 – 40 euro (depending on which size)

Pension Lopez

This is much more a private place – where you can have your own apartment experience. Situated in the center, close to the post office it’s a bit hidden from all. With a private terras and balcony, you will have your own peace and quiet when you need to.

Private room: 24 euro

Double room: 38 euro

Please let us know when you can’t seem to reach any of these accommodations, or if you have specific wishes you would like us to look for…. We’re here to help and guide you on your way, but also for a nice stay.

Much LOVE from Finisterre

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