My name is Nanda and I am the founder and creator of Ananda Soul Travel and our beautiful SOUL center at the end of el Camino, in Finisterre. I’ve been a soul traveler all my life, looking for my place in this world. And I believe I’ve found it. First by uncovering my Soul Purpose and what I’m here to bring, and then following the signs of the Universe to lead me to a beautiful place in Spain, Finisterre. Where my partner Alejandro and I could start our Spiritual Center and offer our gifts to the world – while helping Higher Consciousness to evolve.

The world is in a great transformation of bringing awareness to people, about being the creators of the world we live in. Accelerated consciousness is bringing more lifeforce energy into form in this special time. I believe we have the opportunity and the capacity to live out our greatest dreams.

Dreams lead by Love and Compassion, not by Greed and Fear.

The time is now to Give voice to your Heart and Speak out your greatest desire – to Be You.

My vision for the new world is that we all acknowledge our greatest desire to be loved for who we really are. That we come out of hiding and spread our truth and our light out into this world. Also that we acknowledge our own power to create what we desire, and put an end to all the things in this world that are not serving the highest good.

We are here to be the change!

  1. There will be different ways of educating the new generations,
  2. There are more co-operative businesses that support one another.
  3. And there will be chances and easy access for self-development for all people around the world.

How will we create this new world?  We need to do the work that is needed to awaken our true potential. That means doing a lot of soul traveling, reconnecting to our essence and using our qualities and talents to improve our direct surroundings. In that way, we become the teachers of the new world and living examples for the people around us and create a ripple effect.

We need to be aware that we are the Creators of this New world and need to take responsibility.

We have the Power to Change the World around us (and ourselves)!

Once you get to know yourself as the Soul that you are and your unique qualities, you are bringing change into your own life, feel more Blissful and Happy, and Light up the world with your presence.

The only thing you need to focus on is being more and more You.

Together we can make this world a reflection of Love and Unity, starting with your own life.


The spiritual center at the end of El Camino is the perfect place to create a School of Love and personal development. A place to restore your connection to yourself, your purpose and the highest truth. Through meditation, healing, spiritual practices, yoga and more we are here to support you on your journey to be more you.

We work with SOUL teachers from all around the world, who are ready to share their gift with the world. If that is you, make sure to reach out and see if there is a space available for you on our Team.

What is it that you can do today to make this world a reflection of Love and Unity?

Share your ideas and visions with me in the comments. I can’t wait to hear them.