It’s been an exhilarating time here in Finisterre – coming into the new season!! 2022 Xacobeo year!! How long have we waited for this… how long have the pilgrims been waiting … for THIS!! and what is this year going to bring? Nobody really knows, but what’s in the air is Excitement, Joy, New Possibilities… SPRING!

Birds are chirping (as always) and the ocean is still making waves… Nature just goes on as usual.

But something is starting to take shape that was dormant all winter, and very low this past year and it is the pilgrim fever… The Passion for the Long Hikes in Nature – the different Languages on the streets. People in walking gear just focused on their walk to the Faro (lighthouse), asking for directions. It’s starting…. pilgrim season is finally here!!

How do you prepare for the season?

So one of the first things I thought about so many times, and I had made many lists in my mind and on paper when I was doing my preparations, but now the time is finally here. And HOW DO you actually get ready… prepare?

To me, it was kind of a joke because I wanted the Semana Santa to be a time of KICK STARTING the getting known part and opening up the Center with a range of great Activities – the town Finisterre was consumed with processions and a big wild music festival in the harbor. Fisterra always does his own thing – and I got to experience that again… So much for being prepared? I wasn’t prepared for this big religious crowd and that party that went on for three days until 6 am in front of our house… I just had to live it, and go with the flow.

LESSON 1 of preparing for the season; Prepare for the Unexpected!!

Now 2 weeks after Semana Santa I got hit with the flue and that week flew by in a blink of an eye.

I could feel like, I’m off schedule and I have to do a million things to get ready!!

But instead, something really valuable came to me while I was feeling ill. I noticed that worrying or trying to do things faster or more is not going to make things manifest faster. You just need to go with what is, follow the signs and take one step at a time – the Camino lessons… are very valuable in life as well.

So after almost a week in bed – things are finally starting to look up again. I made a move – I filled up our calendar for the upcoming month – have great connections with SOUL teachers who are ready to come join us in Finisterre and feel super blessed with our wonderful location and what we already did so far.

I guess it’s time to declare: WE ARE READY

LET THE SEASON BEGIN! Let the pilgrims walk by, come in and have a wonderful experience with us.

Wondering what is on our calendar for these months?

I am offering Thursdays Kundalini dance classes. I enjoy this class a lot and we already had many positive responses to this physical, mind-spirit integration journey, through the chakras. Igor has started his yoga flow classes, and I’m happy we got to welcome him to our team. His lessons are for now on Sunday (before our weekly potluck lunch & chill) and on Wednesday afternoon.

yoga flow - Soul Fisterra Sunday / Domingo

Every Friday we are going to lead Conscious Connecting Circles!! A very liberating and deepening experience to come into play with connecting to your Soul and those of others. Creating a conscious community night on Friday where we can express freely from our Soul is what we feel inspired to facilitate.

Sound Healing sessions and Spiritual Meditation journeys, Soul Purpose workshops and more will be coming up every Saturday! Check our calendar for the exact times and information.

And last but not least there is a wide range of 1:1 healing modalities that people can choose for their own healing journey. Think about massage, chakra balancing, Emotional Freedom Coaching, Soul Purpose coaching and more. Check out our Service page for more details.

Thanks for being part of our journey and reading up so far. Let us know in the comments where you are reading from, and what your relationship is to spiritual camino life?

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