With the start of this new season I’d like to take the time to reflect on the last years and also set an intention for the year ahead, connecting to you and all the souls that are still on their way… (pilgrimage).

In many ways 2023 was a beautiful, loving and peaceful year. We welcomed in our new member of the Soul Family – Alana (born 19-03-2023) and have been watching her grow up into a little girl in such rapid speed. She loves to make music, and singing mantras (she is our little sound healer in spe). The activities in our center were build around the times of our baby girl, so just 2 classes per day with a lot of free time. No unexpected visits and no activities outside.

That is about to change in 2024!!

We see that the place we live, and created our Center is the perfect place to start Retreats and Excursions from. May it be a conscious nature walk, a connected playground on the beach or a trip to Monte Pindo. We are open to new Adventurous activities outside or in our SOUL garden.

My partner Alejandro has made such an amazing space with the views on the Mar de Fora Sunset, and the growing vegetables and fruits and figs around it truly is an OASIS – the waves clashing, birds singing and people walking by (but barely noticing that we are there). We want to Invite you into our world, into our Family and share magical moments with you in the sun. (and when it rains we go into the SOUL center).


When reflecting in Winter it was obvious that the WHY of our SOUL center is still very much in tact. We are here to share the space we’ve created but most of all we are here to RECONNECT to SOUL FAMILY. Giving the Souls that come here a HOME >> a friendly face, a warm hug, shared laughs and tears.

It was our baby girl Alana who showed us that we are ALL ONE – that you (the pilgrim we’ve never met before) and our family go very well together. That we can always make space for each other, that there is more to go around when we start sharing our gifts, and presence. And we are delighted that all Souls who have found their way to our door show us that they are conscious of their presence so that every meeting is a GIFT in itself. We are eager to meet you, show you that you are welcome, and give you our gifts while we learn from your stories. This is a WIN – WIN – WIN for all involved, and even for the greater good.

We are looking forward to welcome you into our Family, into our World, and walk beside each other for a short while, reconnecting and enjoying the unfolding of gifts.

Check out our Calender this year: it’s full of magical events, like our Sound Healing, Shaman Drum Workshop, Meditations, Open Soul circles, Yoga flow and Yin Yoga and my very favorite Soul Mission workshop and 1-day retreat. See what calls your attention, and we hope to meet you soon!

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