What does it mean to truly surrender? We’ve found it out it brings in even more magic!

With the end of Summer, it was time for reflection and also to notice some things we DIDN’T do.

I was feeling a bit disappointed, since coming here was such a big dream and the activities I wanted to do were not taking place, because there was no physical location, nor an association or group to share it with. I did host a few amazing Kundalini Dance nights at sunset, at the Labyrint in Mar de Fora – which were magical.

Letting the stuck energies flow again and making sure my body, mind and soul were in alignment. I was not about to stop for anyone – because it did me good. And what feels good, you need to keep doing, right?

There were some great realizations with my reflections: The activities might not have happened yet, and the spiritual center didn’t take form our first year. But there were a lot of pieces in place, especially in our LIFE in Finisterre.

We have manifested a beautiful home, gorgeous group of friends, gotten to know Finisterre and its ever-changing climate very well. We have discovered things about ourselves, about our relationship, and what we want in LIFE. And I believe this was a very very important piece of the puzzle, of our journey.

This process of the creation has shown me PATIENCE – and TRUST.

I knew deep in my heart everything was going to be alright. So in October I did something bold:

We chose to SURRENDER (something Alejandro is already very good at)

Not making everything happen, trying to bend it to my will.

But allowing what wanted to come through me to manifest, and to let my heart lead the way.

I started to just enjoy life and listen to the signals I was receiving. Getting to know new people, having the pleasure of also meeting the locals. and that’s when I realized there was also something this town needs, before anything spiritual and it is CONNECTION and ENGLISH.

So in all the enjoying and the ‘waiting’ (read my perception of surrender in the beginning) this idea came to mind about doing a Language Cafe

Every Friday we exchange English and Spanish at Mariquitos. There is a special app for our group, you can find here https://chat.whatsapp.com/C5amPJSGQjn9iK63qpH2JU

This is pretty amazing – a place where we can all practice our language skills and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea.

The second manifestation that happened during this month is that I wrote the last chapter of my book The Universe has a Plan for You >> coming out in December 2021 <<

And Alejandro manifested his land, at the seaside right next to his best friend. Which is being finalized in March, right in time to grow his own vegetables and fruits for next season. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the things that unfolded in Oktober. LIFE has truly embraced us, and we have embraced life.

We also had the pleasure of living together with a great woman, and her 2,5-year-old daughter. Who was bringing so much love and laughter into our house. It opened our hearts, and we are ready to receive life because of this.

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