We have arrived…. (do you know the Song I have arrived, I am home …)

That´s what an amazing feeling it was to be back here in Finisterre (Fisterra for locals). We arrived on a Sunday afternoon, bright sunshine and twee shiny faces waiting for us in the harbour – it were our friends from previous years Anna and Viki. What a wonderful welcome it was… and also to be on the beautiful beaches Langosteira and Mar de Fora. Two magical places, where time has stood still and nature is ever so beautiful. I felt fulfilled and happy that instant…. And Alejandro… He was smiling from ear to ear and even started singing while walking the streets in the days that followed. Affirming that WE ARE HOME … and in the place TO BE.

1st stop was: To place our feet in the sand of our beautiful beaches… That’s the Life. With our Noses breathing the fresh air and our faces warmed by the sun… This is SPAIN baby… Viva Espana!!

We have arrived in our SOUL place
in the North of Spain, in Finisterre
and it immediately felt amazing.
Arriving in the sun, beautiful
beaches, surrounded by friends and
meeting new members of our
We are off to a great start, here at
the End of the World. And we have
manifested a great place to live and
some great companions to start our
project with. Stay tuned for more…

The first lesson we´ve learned is to
trust our own truth and follow it.
Because people will always tell you
things are not possible… while in
reality they are.
Feedback of others now only helps
us to Clarify our own Truth – we say
Thank you and Move in the
Direction we actually want to go.
And that is Creating a beautiful
Spiritual Center here at the end of
El Camino.

I have decided to KEEP you updated on our SOUL journey from the beginning… NEW BEGINNINGS is what SOUL is all about, so why not take you with us on this journey and tell you all about what we encounter on our journey into the new… Life is Camino!! And we are here to guide you through it.

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