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Akashic Self healing journey

Akashic Self Healing journey

Our past present and future are stored in the Akashic Records, every Soul has one. And in the Akashic Records we also have access to all the wisdom, energy and healing we will ever need on our Soul journey here on earth. Our spirit guides are more than happy to inform us, guide us, help …

Astral meditation - SOUL Fisterra

SOUL meditation – restore balance

Meditation helps you to fully connect back to your body, mind and Soul and bring balance into the three levels. When you are more and more in tune with Who you really are, life starts to make more sense, flows more easily and helps you to be positive and happy. Meditation also helps you to …

SOUL events - sivananda yoga

Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda yoga: All levels hatha yoga class: The practice is based on Sivandanda’s teachings. In this class, we will practice pranayama, sun salutations, asanas, meditation, and deep relaxation. We work through a dynamic sequence of poses, giving the body a workout however, because we relax between every pose, and learn how to calm and control …