Yoga class



Yin Yoga – a special moment to connect to yourself.
Light form of yoga that will guide you to connect deeply to yourself, and give your body a nice deep stretch so energy and your body’s restorative fluids can run more smoothly through your body.
Our body is a sacred container that holds many treasures and also emotions and toxic energy.
To give room to the treasures, we must let go of any stuck energy. In this Yin yoga class we will do just that.
Our Feminine Power is to Receive and be Open and Vulnerable.
Yin Yoga is not aimed at reaching a goal, but being present in this moment and relax into Being.
Participation: donation suggestion 10 -15 euro (sliding scale – pay what you can)
When you pay online reminder that part of your payment will go to admin and part to our Center.
70% goes to your yoga teacher.


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