What a place we landed in… Finisterre, the end of the world and the start of our new life. I feel soooo deeply grateful that we can call this place Home and want to take you on our journey with us… how we got here, what attracted us here and show you the beautiful and sometimes more hidden places of Finisterre, where you can Retreat after a long walk on El Camino.

When we decided to Move here we also had great plans… (actually we still do) to start our Spiritual Center SOUL Fisterra here at the end of El Camino – arrive in June, open doors in July, and have a great Big Blowout Party/ festival in August… My DREAM has gotten so big inside of me, that my enthusiasm was just BURSTING !! and I NEEDED TO DO IT right away when we arrived. In reality, good things take time to be created and the energy of Finisterre and the center itself have a life of their own. And so did we for that matter.

So our first month was dedicated to finding a place to live, where we feel at HOME and part of this Community. After a few weeks, and thanks to our local friends and contacts we found an amazing almost penthouse-like apartment in the center of Finisterre. With views over the harbor and right in the CENTER of it all… Amazing, that this place was even available in mid-season. So we thank everyone involved for making this happen, including our spirit guides.

HOME in Finisterre

What is it about this place that I feel so at home… Is it the narrow streets, and the gentle feel of old town? Is the immense peace I feel when I’m faced towards to sea and see only blue ocean as far as the eyes can seee? Is the sense of being myself, having all the possibilities in the world and an amazing community to share it with? I believe it’s all of those things and more.

Finisterre has something magical, for all who come here!

I have heard people say, they never want to leave (and the next day : manana me voy) Typical for this place… It is the energy that attracts you here, the great open space, the end(lessness) of it all and the joy of sharing it with beautiful people, and then the next day it’s grey and cloudy and you look around you and there is nothing to distract you (you get slung into yourself and confronted with what is hiding underneath the surface. Discomfort, unease, cold rains or just a pesty feeling making you want to leave this place…

In my opinion because of this energetic charge and the feeling of discomfort sometimes Finisterre (and el Camino combined) are the best teachers, for a healthy, sustainable and happy life. If you are willing to face your dragons. (more on that topic later)

So for us creating our Home in a place like this is a challenge too… We are faced with the ‘only normal’ ups and downs of life here. We have planned great gatherings with nobody showing up. We have had moments when we felt full of love and gratitude and were surprised about the 18 pilgrims that showed up at our Drum Circle. I have had a melt-down or two during our first 2 months (which is not a bad average if I might say so myself). And we have had to manage a few waves of discomfort or misunderstandings that were keeping us from moving forward.

That’s all part of life!! I said it to my friend this week: Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. So there is no escaping from anything that had been going on in your life previously. It just comes along for the ride…. wherever you may go.

My Hero’s journey started

Moving here has also a lot to do with going on a Hero’s journey. I found myself lost and alone a few years ago, not knowing where I could finally spread my wings and fly. I was devastated about all the things I had tried but didn’t seem to work, and I had been on my spiritual journey mostly alone (figuring it all out by trying and failing forward).

While I felt my Potential, my Passion and my Power it was just working for me… I wasn’t coming to full expression! and that started to frustrate me. I had a job as a Nanny in the summer of 2017 (while searching for that exit) and when that ended in August I thought to myself: something needs to be DONE!! but I didn’t have the faintest idea what that was. So I asked the Universe instead.

During my magical morning meditation, I asked: ” What is my next step? ” and as if the Universe suddenly stood beside my bed claiming in a loud voice: “El Camino, Nanda!” I was blown away… what did that voice just say? And where did it even come from? It was so loud and clear? I had never had such clear guidance before? Was I dreaming? Was this for real?

I started to communicate with that voice, stumbling over my words, trying to get out of it: “walking??? nooo, I’m not much of a walker.” I prefer to know the next step in my business if that’s okay. The voice was patient with me but insisted that I should walk el Camino first, and my next step would be revealed to me. I was resistant but I also knew there was no other way. So I packed my bag, decided on a date in mid-August, booked a flight, and started preparing … as if I knew what I was getting myself into.

Now I know this was the start of my Hero’s journey that lead me to Finisterre end of August (that’s right I negotiated my way out of walking 700+ km and instead did 100 k in reverse, after which I caught a bike that brought me to Finisterre. There will come a time when I tell you the full story. Today it’s about why we moved to Finisterre, and here’s why:

I was lead to a great hostel Sol y Lua here in Finisterre, where I stayed for 3 weeks or so… feeling so at peace and in my place, meeting great people in the hostel and getting to know the magic of Finisterre. Mar de Fora especially enchanted me. After those weeks I was invited by the owner of the hostel to stay on as a hospitalera (volunteer), and that excited me. Working in this hostel I might even get some clients for my workshop (uncover your soul mission) and it allowed me to stay longer, so I agreed. The next week I started with giving guided meditations in the mornings… and soon I had the feeling… ‘hey, this feels so right… everything just flows so easily and is falling into place’.

That’s when I realized Finisterre is the place for me! Here, is where I should be! With my work, for my own happiness, to live freely and have a conscious community around me. I suddenly felt so blessed and grateful for that voice guiding me here. And I still feel that gratitude up to this day, when we finally arrived in Finisterre and can call this our Home.

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  1. Hi do you provide an alberge for pilgrims doing the camino? We are doing Portuguese coastal from Porto to Santiago, then from Santiago to muxia finishing at finesta. Please let me know if you do or if you know of other Albert’s in fiesta.

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