Yeaahhh… our patience was rewarded. We have found the perfect place for our spiritual center in Finisterre.

How magical life can give you clues and send you exactly the things when they need to happen.

I was becoming impatient and felt like we had to wait until next season for us to START living the dream.

But with our Surrender practice, I learned to TRUST even more.

We were just living life, and enjoying all the beauty and love this life has to offer. Driving back from a visit to one of the secret beaches that are around this beautiful peninsula, when I saw a sign: big and orange on the window of the Mar de Fora apartment. Something inside me started to glow and … I looked Alejandro in the eyes and said: This is IT!!

SOUL Fisterra location Mar de Fora

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. This is The Place!! (there was not a doubt in my mind) and we gave each other a high five as we drove home. I think there were a million stars in my eyes at that moment and I couldn’t stop smiling.

The next morning I was going through some thick emotional stuff (having my period and all) and I was feeling OFF … tired and depleted. But I also KNEW that when I wouldn’t act now, this opportunity might just pass us by, and I wasn’t letting anybody come between me and my dream. So I gave myself some time to rest by the ocean side, watching the waves, did some meditations, and then called the owner: Hola… me llamo Nanda y vi que la casa en mar de fora esta libre. (Hello… my name is Nanda and I saw that the house at mar the fora is free) The man replied seemingly happy to hear from me that I could come to look that afternoon. I made an appointment for the next day so Alejandro and I could go together.

And Oh my god, when I entered the room and I saw so much space and so much light coming in, the most beautiful views over the ocean you can imagine – I just KNEW !!! This is IT... this is our healing center, the start of our Dream, right here at Mar de Fora.

In the back of the house there are 2 perfect big rooms for therapy and massage / or even a space where our teachers can stay when they come over for a month or two to teach. This truly is a dream come true!! I couldn’t be happier. So the stars in my eyes, were now also radiating from my entire body… tingles all over and that smile… stayed on my face for days.

When we talked to the owner it was funny to hear who he was connected to and he even offered Alejandro a free piece of land where he can grow his vegetables etc. This land, the Galicians, and all the opportunities here are amazing.

I truly believe that the Universe has a Plan for each and every one of us and that when we decide to listen and follow the signs BIG THINGS can become manifest within the blink of an eye.



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Welcoming you into our DREAM CREATION

Since we want to make this place truly magical, inside and out we are also welcoming in funding donations.

Every person that contributes to our dream creation will receive a FREE pass for 2022 classes in our center.

You will find the go fund me link here :

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