SOUL meetings

High Vibe meetings, meditations, SOUL guidance, channeling, belly laughs, deep soul conversations, sacred ceremonies and more … 

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Take the Best out of Each moment

Life can be just a series of moments together… best to make them count! 

From getting up and making breakfast to cleaning up the dinner table and going to bed, there are many moments of value in between that you want to make the BEST of or … that take the BEST out of you. Let this be a sacred space where you can share, reflect, learn, deepen and expand your experience on this earth. We are here for a Reason! 

Connection Community Creation

We are here to bring Light in the Darkness, Relief into Pain, Solice into Hardship and Connection where is Separation. We are ONE WORLD … and I like for us to live in that Truth & create a NEW WORLD together! Are you in?

If you’re not happy with where you are going, then you are going the wrong way …. 

Meet Your Host Nanda

I can’t believe it… we are finally here!! At the end of El Camino – Finisterre and have opened our sacred sanctuary SOUL Fisterra this year. It was a great first year 2022!!

Already we have been having such beautiful meetings with Souls from all around the world, and we would love to extend that connection into a SOUL tribe meetingspace. Where everyone can join, connect, share and have the space to grow even more.

I am honored that our paths have crossed and look forward to keep the connection alive!

Let’s weave a network of Light. 

“We have come to a point where it is vital that we Unite and Start our New World Now.” – Nanda

Nanda - soul tribe leader
Expanding into a greater Universe

Expanding into a NEW WORLD

This is a Place where can truly be FREE and EXPRESS ourselves Authentically. Where there is Joy, Laughter, Growth, Pain and Sadness, all going hand in hand. 

Every month we touch a different topic, invite other SOUL teachers to be our guest and share our experiences, wisdom, emotions and magic…. All is welcome here! We are expanding into being more than we thought we were capable of and create a NEW world together…  

Wordwide network of Soul Travelers

We are all here on a Mission - to create and serve the world in a greater way. Therefore we need each other and we need to unite! Through this network we are helping to create lasting change in the world, where we can all feel supported, loved, heard, held and healed. If you ever need support, a helping hand or someone to brainstorm with, in this Soul Tribe you will find that and more.... Reach out and Touch someone's Life today!

we are Soul Family - soul fisterra



"I was really amazed by the soul connection we have made during meditation. I didn't know it would be of such great meaning to my life, and I would love to continue this journey."
"I always intend to do meditation and yoga for myself, but I find it hard to motivate myself. I loved the classes of Yin Yoga. They are truly what I need."
"For sure we will tell others about this place. What a wonderful experience we had during the sound healing and meditation morning. Sincerely recommend it and ready for more."


Attract your Soul Tribe

Come as you Are

Be open and kind

Be mindful of the energy in the group

Show up for yourself / and others

Dare to be vulnerable

Participate equally

React from a place of Love and wholeness

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