SOUL Fisterra Rite of the Womb healing ceremony

Rite of the Womb healing ceremony

This healing ceremony – the 9th rite of the Munay Ki, is passed on from women of the Peruvian jungle to women of the west and now travels all around the world.

It is to heal our wounds around the womb and birth of all women around the world, so that the womb again is restored to its original function, to Create and Give Birth to Life.

Join our Sacred ceremony and become a Rite of the Womb Healer yourself. Your initiation will give you the permission to pass on this ritual to other women so the good energy and healing can spread and reach all the women on this planet.

Bring wildflowers and water from a natural fountain, river, or ocean near you.


We start at 16.00 hours – be early so that we can open the sacred circle on time.

Thank you!


Sign up here when you want to participate. Send a message to +34 644 15 41 82

Participation for this sacred ceremony is 15 euro

*bring a bottle of water (sea or fountain water) and wild flowers


Jul 08 2023


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm





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